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QUAZ Specification

  • X11 Algorithm
  • Masternodes Click to read
  • PoW Services
  • Whitepaper Click to read
  • 24 Millions Max coin available

Perfect protection system of personal data

Team of Quaz developers have created an architecture based upon Masternode system, which provides full protection of personal data during transactions in private or commercial operations. Moreover, unique two-tier P2P network architecture of the system includes rewards and bonuses for Masternode holders and miners.

Investments and community

During the first year, the coin will be positioned as investment asset. Also, in this period of time we put all efforts to mainatain network. Already today and in the future, we will provide stability of network. Strong community of Masternode inverstors will regulary get rewards for supporting the teamwork. Get more in White paper.

In 2019, vibrant and popular Quaz will be positioned as digital payment asset. At this stage, internet-marketing specialists will participate in project. The central goal of Quaz - to enter mass market becoming easy way for making payments online or offline. However, we are not going to stop at this point and will create additional options for customers.

Why invest in Quaz ?


We are absolutely sure that financial information of each investor should be highly protected.The work of service responsible for safety and privacy is supported by strong community of Masternode owners.

Instant transactions

Forget about long-term transactions as each second of your life is important. Quaz is supported by unique service that will make instant transactions anonymously.

Friendly community

People who have the same interests and the same questions are at one place to learn, advise, and connect each other. Quaz is not only a way to earn money but an international community connecting miners and investors.


Download your Quaz Wallet

Instant payments and quick confirmation.


  • Marketing-analysis. First of all, we analyzed the needs of investors, the problems of modern cryptocurrencies and created a project team that has an understanding of the requirements of global payment systems.

  • Very soon Quaz will enter popular exchanges including Southexchange, crypto-bridge, graviex.net

  • After Quaz will become popular, we will position the coin at such platforms as bibox and kukoin

  • Expect adding web wallet, paper wallet, mac wallet, android wallet, ios wallet by 2019.



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